goal...by a girl.

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Quebec Nordiques back ?

Watch this tribute to Peter Stastny, the great number 26, the best hockey player in the history of the Quebec NHL team.


simply, great.

unnecessary but interesting

It is rational optimism

what you think ?

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the green men

It aint an environmentalism thing.  They are cool guys in Vancouver. They are 2. I discovered them on tv.  They were dancing beside the penalty box during the Vancouver Canucks game, a NHL team. By the way, the Canucks are my favorite pick to win the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup.

After the dancing guy in Philly, which is dancing during the Flyers games, the GREEN MEN! A slimmer version of the Denis Drolet which are 2 weird buddies in Quebec.
Here are 2 videos involving the green men.

After viewing this one, now I know that there is The Force and Sully.


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what is a liberterian ?

thanks for being who you are John Stossel.

Shopping In Year 2010

I always used to be a guy who dont really enjoy shopping in malls. I love to drive my car, but drive all the way to the shopping mall, find the store, the right tee or jeans then finally find the cashier girl which is most of the time tardy. I prefer now shopping online . Nowadays, I buy sports and music tickets on the Internet, electronics , shoes., t-shirts, music and more.

I know most of girls enjoy shopping in malls. But, there are so many things to do these days instead of shopping in boring shopping malls. With all the secure payments (McAfee, Paypal...) method on the Internet, I spent more time writing articles, taking care of my kids, go to gym, take time with my tough parents, watch stupid movies on dvd or in streaming, have a beer or 2 with old school friends, only the real life dude.

Today, I really like to go to restaurants but I dont like to go to the shopping mall. Going to the malls is so 80s, where at the time it was almost a happening to go the shopping mall and spent some afternoons there.

On the internet, there are so many good websites selling quality stuff, genuine clothes. When you found your favorites boutiques, you stick with them and shopping is a 5 minutes deal. Then when you drove by your mail box a couple of days later, you receive your stuff.

The first time my boss proposed me to buy shoes on the internet, I was not sure. The shoes werent expensive, so I thought they would be bad quality. So I went to 3-4 places in town, and spent time in my car, I was not green with all that gasoline. The shoes I found werent secure at all and hopefully they were exchangeable. I work in restaurant for years, and everyone who works in restaurants knows a slippery floor could appears at any time. When I finally bought the shoes, I was sincerly suprise how the shoes grips to the floor when it is slippery. That change my mind about online shopping and most of all, I found a company with the product I always needed, good shoes, at a low price and also good looking shoes, that grips!

What are your comment about this article, why most of people don't buy online ?


have a good time watching agassi and pete

priceless time during this charity tennis game.

song about old baseball problem



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brokaw's report on usa-canada.

my point is, lets our countries work together.

- obama's broken campaign promises

john stossel on barack obama promises. change he says. politicians are politicians. same old same old.

good work John

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world greatest dad team Hoyt my redeemer lives