- BORED OF statism (interventionism)

Isn’t our biggest scandal, the biggest mistake to give our money to all of these profiteers (government assistance to enterprises, subsidies ...). Among banks, car manufacturers, arrived artists, forest industry...Be proud guys, be a proud people, Canadians, Quebecers, North Americans.
Aim higher.

Should we give the oil lamp sellers’ some big $ because their sales have declined in the last century. Should we give some big $ to VHS manufacturers because they sell less, and to every trappers because they are rare now, and big $ to those who go bankrupt as well. If their business goes bad, isn’t because they are stupid, bad manager, exceeded.A famous huluberlu, a wealthy character, did, recently the statement of the year.

This is possibly because of the leading lobbyists. They influence our politicians. Our poor politicians, sincerely, what a thankless job. They are victims (the ones who sincerly believe in democraty) of media sensationalism, propelled by images makers, which dictate their lives. Poor politicians. I sincerely plain them.
Power to citizens.
Power to families.
Power to the people.

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