- the home staging plan of Canadian Football

As we noticed regarding football around the country, we are capable of making the report of the beautiful potential of football in Canada.

We find many fans of football in our beautiful large country. This sport has to be home staged to increase its value, its visibility, at the end of account, its popularity.This home staging will show how to please the sporting fans.This change passes by the passage of the Canadian football in a universal football (from 3 to 4 downs, dimensions of the field, the location of the post of the end zone, such as the American Football).We find many good and talented athletes in the CFL, but the three downs football should yield its place to four downs football.

Furthermore, the Canadian football should be played on a surface similar to that of the American football, to please the fans, by moving closer them to the game, the CFL would be more accessible, more exciting. The players, the coaches and especially the fans will adopt massively this step forward which owes necessarily made the CFL. This blow of calculated brightness will bring an increase of the visibility of the new football played in Canada. The visibility will increase, further to this improvement. It will be welcomed by the sports fans of all Canada, and which knows, even fans of the USA.

But at first the CFL has to draw up a solid plan of home staging, in cooperation with the teams owners, it will have to keep her Canadian culture, her identity by living in the country (rules of the Canadian players), the whole in spite of the smallness of our Canadian markets, smallness which could be a force. It is for ca that a good plan of home staging (respect the salary cap, wise merchandising, affordable tickets, tv networks deal) will can improve the popularity of the CFL.
For the Canadian fans, this last one will open to a vaster clientele what will bring a better visibility, thus more fans, more on tv, more by-products. Markets as Quebec City, Halifax, Saskatoon, Ottawa, London, St. Catharines, Moncton and Windsor could show their interest to this league, a league who could be revived by the handling of their fate.

The quantifiable success of the last years of amateur football (high schools, colleges, universities)proves the remarkable development of the football in our propulation, particularly the young population, activate.

The inescapable success of the NFL, the most successfull league of all sports, owes we inspired here in our country if we want to keep alive our league of football, to develop it, to be proud of it.
Proud of our league by being inspired by the best. Teams involved in their community, in the school leagues through the country, in the media.

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