- Marketing; What if mass ain't priority

As we can notice on the web, all that mass marketing thing is the solution, the goal of bloggers is to make money, pretending big easy money with ads, wishing thousands of impressions with solutions sites. Because most of bloggers read about how making money with their blog. many bloggers make blogs about how make money marketing. Unfortunately, I think it's aint that easy. You know, we all live in a magic thinking era. people believe in possible instant success.

problogger.net and many more blogs write about that topic, how to make money with blogs.

according to me, it is a hard working thing. for sure there are guys who made big money writing about HOW MAKE MONEY THING. But it is like the real life, the life outside blogs. you gotta work hard. it is like 99% of the successful businesses, which success after mistakes, then focusing on good plans, quality stuff, perseverance.

what if success comes with time.

what if success comes with quality stuff.

what if success comes with perseverance.


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katherine said...

You were absolutely right. I make blogs because I want extra money for my extra expenses like shopping lol. But doing this kind of job, business, whatever you called, it is really needs hardwork, patience because it is not a quick and easy to get rich job but if you're doing this just for fun then you are lucky because you already have lots of money maybe. Have a great day.

Trixie said...

Yep, totally agree. I am one of those bloggers out there trying to make a living on the Internet. I know plenty of people who are doing it, some making big bucks, others making a few. Its definitely not a get rich quick scheme. Slow & steady wins the race. We hope.


katherine, thanks for coming.

what if we, bloggers, were working together ?
making busines together. helping each other, saying what really works and what really sucks ?
take care
you are sweet


thanks for coming trixie

as i said to katherine
the community should be stronger. making money together.

be wealthy

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